World Class Excellence Requires Organizational Discipline

combo_DolarizedPareto_Plot_imageDriving to achieve the pinnacle of eXcellence in World Class Performance demands that organizational discipline is a focus and companies flawlessly eXecute and improve in ALL systems that are delivering valuable goods or services to the market place.

Many plant cultures typically point to equipment failures issues when capacity losses occur. It is a daily no-win battle to genuinely understand the true causes because no formalized, proven plan exists to determine the origin of ALL the loss. All of this compounds the uncertainty on how best to execute reliable and sustainable output and keeps a business in constant flux.

To be effective in reaching and sustaining this level of performance requires a fundamental understanding of how to measure the overall eXecution of a facility output related to alignment of the 3-Ps: People, Procedures and Practices. Click for more on the 3-Ps.