Paul Barringer Legacy

Paul Barringer passed away on 12/21/2016. He was many things to me over the years including a mentor, colleague, and friend.

I first met Paul in the summer of 2000 during the 15th year of my professional engineering career and in the midst of pursuing higher levels of management along the corporate ladder. Prior to this period in my professional career, 30% of my career was growing my technical engineering skills, and the latter 70% was developing my operations, engineering, and technology management capacity.


Profit-Driven Process Reliability

The PDPR course helps attendees quantify the overall business case for ROI by integrating maintenance, operations, technology, and leadership focus and driving action towards excellence and world-class performance. 

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Reliability Learnings Forever The Legacy of Paul Barringer

It was Paul Barringer’s wish that several of his associates continue to deliver his teachings around the world. Collectively, we respectfully refer to Paul Barringer’s teachings as Reliability Learnings Forever. Barringer’s training modules and website administration have since been transitioned into the business entity of Profit-Ability LLC and entrusted to CEO and Founder Jose’ L. Wilkins.