Unleashing Proactive Sustainable Profitability

proactive sustainable risk management

Big Data & IOT Smart Technologies

So, you have been looking for that silver-bullet to make substantial improvements in profitability and have attempted or implemented improvement programs like Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and Reliability.  You have achieved some success, but it has not been sustainable.  Some studies suggest that nearly 70% of all company improvement initiatives did not sustain the desired results.

In our research, we have observed that in the past, the above programs receive a “black-eye” and were implemented in a silo’ed fashion.  They did not have an integrated system for maintaining the gains thru on-going monitoring of financial results long-term.

We have observed many companies are now focusing on their top priorities to reduce energy costs. We feel this is an excellent opportunity to link cost reduction with improvement potential to pave the way for executing to World Class Operational Excellence (WCOE). We have clearly set our mission to pioneer an integrated improvement system that begins with a laser focus in improving energy optimization as the foundation.

With the advent of improved equipment sensor & wireless communications technology, we have tapped into the world of smart technological advances & industrial internet of things (IOT) to create that silver-bullet that can now deliver results for sustainable WCOE. It builds upon an on-going framework for reducing Operations, Maintenance & Technology (OMT) costs, driving smarter decision-making while also providing a system to minimize overall business risks.  

The Hidden Plant

Over the past 15 years, we have conducted global operations research and utilized our version of Paul Barringer’s advanced statistical methods to quantify over $3 Billion USD and representing over ~30% hidden facility improvement potential. This represents a huge opportunity to address overall losses that could liberate more operational capacity and value delivery to the customer.  We have heard some reasons that have prevented many from even starting the improvement journey to (WCOE):

  1. This will cost too much
  2. We do not have the right data
  3. This will not work here

In our work, we have also experienced reasons why most did not recognize how to deliver against this potential WCOE is because they did not…:

  1. understand the advanced statistical methods and how to easily apply them to find specific solutions
  2. believe they had the necessary data, funding or timing required to make significant and sustainable change
  3. recognize a silver-bullet approach they felt needed to quickly address improvements and maintenance cost reduction

The silver-bullet is the savings from energy optimization can then be utilized to self-fund the WCOE improvements to quickly attack “the hidden plant”.  This focused approach will propel your performance journey across our cutting-edge “5 Pillars” for executing excellence to pave the way for WCOE.

Our framework will build a strong leadership & training foundation for executing powerful

  • equipment maintenance plans,
  • reliability engineering principles,
  • big data management,
  • operations waste elimination, and
  • leadership risk management.

We have also embedded proactive advanced analytical features in our system that will facilitate proactive monitoring for improvement gains and drive sustainable profitability that was missed in the past.

Energy Optimization & Equipment Longevity Management

Energy optimization is the one area where significant hidden potential can reside and often represents low hanging fruit that can be quickly harvested in terms of increased profitability.  Opportunities to enhance efficiency, avoid waste, and increase equipment longevity through the utilization of energy optimization.  Leveraging these opportunities can require a no risk approach to reducing electricity consumption.

Our approach combines Profit-Ability LLC’s cutting-edge business execution & asset best practice solutions, Panoramic Power’s cloud-based big-data proactive decision-making management platform and ONICS’s advanced passive technology for  Total Harmonics Distortion (THD) reduction to begin maximizing for sustainable profitability in your business.  


silver bullet for big data improvement

Smart Technology Application

The impact of THD in the energy distribution system has increased over the last few decades.  Our solution extends the useful life of inductive equipment in factories, offices and retail space. These devices consume more than 50% of the energy used in industry and commerce. The environmental impact of our work should not be overlooked as it helps to reduce EMF radiation in the workplace as well.

Technology is developing constantly, requiring more use of special electronic loads. The development of modern chip-driven equipment is based on non-linear loads causing distortion of the harmonics in the electric current.  A net effect will also reduce induction motor operating temperature to extend the average operating life and reduce maintenance and repair costs. Some examples are listed below:

Non-linear load equipment:

  1. HVAC, chillers, boilers
  2. laser printers, computers, monitors
  3. smart phones, TVs
  4. elevators, conveyors
  5. new generation lighting
  6. uninterruptable power supply
  7. working industrial machinery

Effects of Harmonics:

  1. lower power efficiency
  2. higher kwh consumption
  3. quicker equipment aging
  4. production plant mal-operations
  5. malfunction of electronic machines with voltage glitches
  1. much higher electricity bills

We know that the key to success in these efforts for any organization is recognizing and accepting these opportunities to become more effective and engaging in initiatives to bring enhanced energy optimization to daily operations. We partner with clients in their efforts to continuously lead and learn to engage  & achieve for sustainable profitability required for their stakeholders.

Energy optimization is just one area of expertise available from the team at  Profit-Ability, LLC.  We are also passionate about helping you identify sustainable solutions to help you better utilize precious resources and Get Your Profits Back on Track for your stakeholders.

We are ready to deliver your results from our complementary diagnostics for Electricity Cost Optimization and Asset Health & Risk Management.  For more details on how to execute and get immediate results, please contact Jose’ L. Wilkins: