Weibull Overview Workshop

Weibull (WO) RCM Workshop

Prerequisites: PDPR or/and PREP

Public & Private
2-Day Maintenance - RCM Workshop

WO workshop designed and intended for:


Goal To learn about the tools and methods attendees need to enable insight related to Weibull for modeling any measurement variability.


  • Find new tools for improved Weibull analysis methods such as SuperSMITH® software.
  • What the reliability of your product or service is and gain confidence in assessments?
  • Whether your reliability trending up or down and what early warnings can tell you about imminent problems/issues.
  • The risk of applying proactive intervention compared with doing nothing?
  • Whether corrective action should target the design, or address production quality, or both?
  • Which test plan is the most cost-effective while staying on schedule?
  • How can to establish a knowledge database of previous Weibull results, and how valuable is that?

To register, you’ll need a PO, Check, or Credit Card.