About Reliability Learnings Forever Workshops:

For over 20 years, Barringer & Associates, Inc. solved reliability issues for industry using engineering, manufacturing, and business expertise. During that time, Barringer’s consultants facilitated training to thousands of organizations, enabling them to solve and implement improvement programs. The founder, Paul Barringer, passed away on 12/21/2016.

Per the late Paul Barringer’s wishes, colleagues here at Profit-Ability LLC (PALLC) are continuing his legacy providing training and mentoring with additional elements of consulting for global organizations. As students and associates of Mr. Barringer, we are proud to offer his teachings, which we are calling Reliability Learnings Forever, supplemented with PROBE-X Analytics to enable increased, sustained profitability. 

Weibull Overview (WO)

2-day Systems – RCM workshop | Prerequisites: PDPR or/and PREP

This maintenance workshop is intended to:

  • Find new tools for improved Weibull analysis methods such as SuperSMITH® software.
  • What the reliability of your product or service is and gain confidence in assessments

The training course allows you to learn about the tools and methods attendees need to enable insight related to Weibull for modeling any measurement variability.

Smart-PROBE Value Creation Assessment (SVCA)

2-day Systems – HCM workshop | Prerequisites: None

This assessment feedback and prioritization session is intended to:

  • How improved data collection and enhanced data integrity focuses business leadership teams
  • What processes govern daily work actions and enable consistency in meeting the customer demand for products or services
  • The various definitions of reliability
  • About the QMAX$ improvement methodology
  • Which systems are most effective to move a company from Reactive, Preventive, or Predictive state to Proactive state

The training course maximizes the ongoing utilization of existing installed assets and what your organization will need to know to understand prior to deploying major capital investments.

Profit-Driven Process Reliability (PDPR)

2-day Systems – BIM workshop | Prerequisites: None

Teaches organizational business teams how to:

  • Incorporate Business Intelligence Management (BIM) for transforming raw data into meaningful information for analysis
  • Study internal processes
  • Determine reliability of the process
  • Categorize the losses for a top-down view of problems
  • Identify problems using advanced reliability analytic tools – Dollarized Pareto

The training course quantifies the overall business case (ROI) for driving action to execute to excellence. The journey to world-class for proactive excellence is focused on integrating maintenance, operations and/or leadership to sustain profitability.

Proactive Reliability Engineering Principles, (PREP)

3-day Technology – RCM workshop | Prerequisites: PDPR

Teaches organizational operational teams, primarily reliability engineers how to:

  • Approach Reliability Cultural Management (RCM) to integrate people, procedures, and practices (3Ps) and sustain reliability improvements
  • Create consistent workflow to maximize sustainable revenue generation for the company
  • Use commercially available Weibull software package to rapidly solve complex reliability problems by way of a computer assist

The training course is long on practical problem solving and short on statistical calculations, using software for the statistics. Basic training in the reliability software is provided in the course, specifically SuperSMITH Weibull and SuperSMITH Visual software.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

2-day Maintenance – CBM workshop | Prerequisites: PDPR or/and PREP

Teaches organizational maintenance and engineering teams how to:

  • Use of Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM) to determine the health of the physical assets and identify developing faults
  • Prevent equipment failure and cost avoidance
  • Bring together reliability models, cost details, installation practices, operating practices, and failure data to make good business decisions

The training course uses Monte Carlo simulations in an Excel LLC spreadsheet to simulate failures expected each year and show how to cost the results over the life of the equipment or project.

Employee-Driven Improvements (rLean6σ)

2-day Operations – TPM workshop | Prerequisites: None

Teaches organizational, functional teams such as operations, maintenance, technology and engineering how to:

  • Apply Total Productive Management (TPM) in the transformation of culture toward collaboration and involvement
  • Relentlessly pursue defect and process waste “MUDA” elimination
  • Use equipment failure data to reduce the high cost of unreliability
  • Utilize failure data to drive reliability-centered maintenance programs

The training course includes an introduction to employee-driven Lean Six Sigma aimed to reduce total defect elimination and organizational wastes via productive maintenance efforts.

Proactive Risk Leadership (PRL)

3-day Leadership – HCM workshop | Prerequisites: PDPR or/and PREP

Teaches operations leaders how to:

  • Focus on Human Capital Management (HCM) touching: Safety, Safety Process, Talent Engineering, Leadership, and Skills Development
  • Enhance organizational best practices, standards, competencies, and procedures that determine superior performance execution
  • Build a Reliable Operations Culture
  • Explore proven strategies used by companies who have demonstrated World Class Safety Performance
  • Drive continuous improvement to achieve specific business goals, innovation, and value creation

The training explores proven strategies used by companies who have demonstrated World Class Safety Performance.